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ORIANCE est une société d’ingénierie, de conseil et de matériel industriel dans le domaine de la tôlerie. 

Depuis 2006, nous avons installé plus de 250 équipements.

Nous distribuons des équipements pour la transformation de la tôle tel que des presses plieuses, cisailles, poinçonneuses, découpeur plasma, profileuse de tôle, etc...

Nous réalisons des missions d’ingénierie, de retrofit, de mise en conformité d’équipements

Notre expertise, nos connaissances techniques et notre
réactivité, nous permettent de répondre rapidement à vos demandes spécifiques.

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There is controversy concerning the relationship between premature ejaculation (PE) and erectile dysfunction (ED), as well as the scan data regarding the association between PE and lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS). testosterone.

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In an earlier part of this study, prenatal exposure to PCDD/Fs and PCBs was found to be associated with lower testosterone levels, therefore, our findings are consistent with the idea that autism spectrum conditions are related to fetal androgen levels. Several possible mechanisms, through which PCDD/Fs and PCBs might influence autistic behaviour, are discussed. testosterone.

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In men with few co-morbidities, lower serum testosterone level is associated with microvascular dysfunction and increased pulse wave reflections, mechanisms by which lower testosterone levels may confer increased cardiovascular risk. Whether normalization of low testosterone level improves vascular function needs further investigation. testosterone.

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Study was undertaken to evaluate ameliorative potential of α-tocopherol against copper sulphate and flubendiamide alone and in combination-induced toxicity in rats following 90 days exposure. Absolute and relative organ weights did not differ between treatments groups. Increase of LPO in copper and flubendiamide intoxicated rats but modest increase in copper + flubendiamide group. GSH and activities of SOD, GPx and GST showed moderate decrease in intoxicated groups. Reduced CAT activity in alone exposed groups was observed. ACP, ALP and SDH remain unaltered. Increase in LDH, γ-GT, abnormal sperm and reduced 17β-HSD, percent live and HOST +ve sperms and testosterone level was observed in all three exposed groups. Xenobiotics alone and in combination exhibited degenerative germinal epithelium, necrotic germ cells, loss of spermatozoa and spermatids. Treatment with α-tocopherol, reparative potential was observed as values of most of the parameters including testicular histoarchitecture were restored. testosterone.

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Mean (± SD) age of the subjects included in this study was 38.7 (± 6.563) years mean (± SD) total testosterone was 15.92 (±6.322)nmol/L. The mean (± SD) BMI, and WHR were 24.95 (±3.828) kg/m(2) and 0.946 (±0.0474) respectively. Statistically significant differences were observed in the mean values of BMI and WHR for the two groups of testosterone. Significant inverse correlation of serum total testosterone with BMI(r = -0.311, p = 0.000) was recorded in this study. However testosterone was not significantly correlated with waist/hip ratio.(r = -0.126, p = 0.076). testosterone.

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